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The Armenian Genocide of 1915 carried out by the Ottoman Empire is a historical fact. Despite Turkish denials, it is unanimously verified by the International Association of Genocide Scholars and accepted by nations that uphold moral responsibility above political gain.


Bibliographies on the Armenian Genocide
The University of Michigan - Dearborn
Sumgait.Info - Ethnic cleansings in Azerbaijan
Sumgait.Info is providing information about genocide of Armenians in Azerbaijan and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) in period of 1988-1992. Currently the Russian version is available and English version is planned to be launched soon.
Le site de l''Institut Tchobanian
Working Group Recognition
Website of a Germany based registered NGO, which focuses on the recognition of genocide and against genocide denial as a pre-condition for better international understanding. On our webseite, we offer a broad selection of photograph documentation on the Armenian genocide, a bibliography (European languages) and a documentation of our attempts to achieve parliamentary recognition of the genocide(s), committed and denied by Turkey before, during and after WW1. An English version of our site will soon be provided.
Genocide Institute
Op/ed appeared in the Montreal Gazette re. Genocide recognition
Base documentaire sur le génocide arménien et sa négation.
Armenian Genocide - Never Again Wristbands
The wristbands will bring greater awareness to the Armenian Genocide and the struggle for recognition. They will serve as a constant reminder that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a crucial part in preventing future genocides.
Our Ararat
Historical and documental website about Armenian Genocide 1915-23 and massacres of Sultan Abdul Hamid 1894-96, including many official Iranian and international documents, Photos, maps, videos, articles, News and articles published by BBC, observations of Iranian writer (Mohamad Ali JamalZadeh), details about the visit of Khatami to the memorial complex of Armenian Genocide, etc. Farsi and English.
Armenian Genocide forum, by Reynold Khachatourian
Armenian Genocide Posters
Submit and vote for Armenian Genocide posters.
Armenian National Institute
Excellent source for learning about Armenian Genocide.
Light a candle in memory of Armenian Genocide victims - the Armenia Encyclopedia
Over a thousand articles about Armenia and Armenians - and anything with an Armenian connection.
El portal sobre el Genocidio Armenio en Español
Gives visitors access to first-hand accounts from twenty survivors of the 1915 atrocities. The site allows visitors to create their own interactive journey through the twenty regions or provinces of Ottoman Turkey. In each region or province, a survivor lends his voice to tell the story of the Armenian Genocide, which will leave no visitor unmoved. Twenty Voices required many months of interactive research and development at Infivia’s Montreal offices.
Dutch site with links to and a discussion board about the Armenian genocide.
Bringing awareness of the current genocide taking place in Darfur. Never again? We need to stop genocide now. We are having candle vigils around the world on July 21, 2005. see web site for details. We will also have speakers from the Armenian community raising their voices. Please share with your contact list. Thank you Peace Rachel
Armenian Genocide Museum of America in Washington, DC
The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan
A website related to Armenian Genocide, Articles, Photos, News. Available in English and Armenian
Good source of Armenian Genocide Information.
News from Armenia related to Armenian Genocide and other topics
The Armenian Observer Blog
Notes and observations of democracy, politics, economy and sport related news about Armenia and Armenians
The Armenian Mirror-Spectator
The First English Language Armenian Weekly in United States
Denial of the Armenian Genocide
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United Human Rights Council – Armenian Genocide
Armeniapedia – Armenian Genocide
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: Armenian massacres
Genocide Postings, dedicated totally for the Armenian Genocide
Littile Armenian, Hollywood, CA – Armenian Genocide
Armenian Genocide- time line, ABC news, images survivors. In 7 languages
Armenian Genocide Chapters
Richard G. Hovannisian
Armenian Genocide website in Russian