Genocide 1915
Armenian Genocide Information
The Armenian Genocide of 1915 carried out by the Ottoman Empire is a historical fact. Despite Turkish denials, it is unanimously verified by the International Association of Genocide Scholars and accepted by nations that uphold moral responsibility above political gain.

Armenian Genocide Petition

Our Armenian Genocide petition is aimed at creating awareness for this great injustice. Our hope is to have the Armenian Genocide finally recognized across the world. Please click on the link to the right to sign the petition, stand in support of justice and spread the awareness of the Armenian genocide.

The following are but a few of the people who's signed this petition.

03/24/2017 Shawn Robinson Rockford, IL United States
03/24/2017 Ashot Badalyan Philadelphia United States
03/23/2017 Nicole Greenwood Verwood United Kingdom
03/18/2017 OlegditKJ OlegditKJ Mount Carey Jamaica
03/12/2017 annie goetcherian beirut Lebanon
03/08/2017 Dzovinae Kazanjian Cairo Egypt
03/07/2017 Wycliffe Alder Hillsbourough United States
03/06/2017 Carson Phillips Hamilton United States
03/06/2017 Micah Levitsky Hamilton United States
03/06/2017 Zac Duggins Hamilton United States
03/06/2017 jordan craft hamilton United States
03/06/2017 jake schenkel cincinnati United States
03/06/2017 Madison Walker Hamilton United States
03/06/2017 Emily Kuhn Hamilton United States
03/06/2017 Hannah Jones Fairfield United States
03/06/2017 sabrina wolf hamilton United States
03/06/2017 Jenna Hill Hamilton United States
03/06/2017 Brianna Starr Hamilton United States
03/06/2017 Sean Lange Hamilton United States
03/06/2017 Martina Lazarova Skopje Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
03/06/2017 Aleks Kareiants Kharkiv Ukraine
03/05/2017 Marina Pugh Richmond United States
03/03/2017 sicilly arell van nuys American Samoa
03/03/2017 Brad Bolser Ross United States
03/03/2017 Andrew Redemier Ross/Hamilton United States
03/03/2017 Kait Chow Cincinati United States
03/03/2017 Hannah Stone Ross United States
03/03/2017 Dawson Brown Hamilton United States
03/03/2017 Savannah Hollstegge Hamilton United States
03/03/2017 The Donald New York City Russian Federation
03/03/2017 Shawnan Hampton Hamilton United States
03/03/2017 Jack Brady Hamilton United States
03/03/2017 Kellan Romans Hamilton United States
03/03/2017 Kristin Diamond Cincinnati United States
03/03/2017 Ashley Kirk Hamilton United States
03/03/2017 Sophia Smiley Cincinnati United States
03/03/2017 kassie mccreary hamiltons United States
03/03/2017 Madison Hilton Hamilton United States
03/03/2017 Allison Koby Okeana United States
03/03/2017 Paul Southwick cincinnati United States
03/03/2017 Brayden McAninch Okeana United States
03/03/2017 Jonathon Hampton Hamilton United States
02/21/2017 William Feingold Chicago United States
02/15/2017 Edna Dilacar Burbank United States
02/12/2017 Tina Ghevondian Sydney Australia
01/31/2017 Linda Lyons-Bakalyan Cary United States
01/29/2017 Miracle Johnson High Point United States
01/28/2017 FUCK YOU BITCH Fuckansas Zimbabwe
01/25/2017 Alice Hovanessian Bath United Kingdom
01/24/2017 Ruth Pokines Virgiina Beach United States
01/20/2017 Syuzanna Dovadzhyan Sochi Russian Federation
01/19/2017 Iris Sing Brisbane Australia
01/17/2017 Mary Rock Duluth United States
01/12/2017 Eleni Chakales Baltimore United States
01/10/2017 Patricia Timm Falls Church United States
01/09/2017 Amanda DiMeglio Allentown United States
01/06/2017 kraig oliver dublin Ireland
01/04/2017 Christina Slivinski Tunnel Hill United States
01/03/2017 CHurles Lurnur Rockville United States
12/25/2016 T L Halifax Canada
12/14/2016 Mathew Richards Columbus United States
12/14/2016 William Boufakhreddine Beirut Lebanon
12/13/2016 Andrea Kontakkis London United Kingdom
12/12/2016 Samuel Riedel Seattle United States
12/02/2016 Michael Vartain annapolis United States
11/23/2016 ARTHUR PARONIAN GLENDALE United States
11/20/2016 Hermes Emphasis Cagayan de Oro City Philippines
11/19/2016 Bassam Imam Canada
11/16/2016 Matthew Bird Edmonton Canada
11/13/2016 Dilini Maljkovic Sydney Australia
11/10/2016 diane zitkus Malvern United States
11/09/2016 Brian Davis Winchester United States
11/05/2016 yvonne adalian vancouver B.C. Canada
11/02/2016 Alex Hyatt Hampton United States
10/27/2016 Ona Gonyon San Antonio United States
10/26/2016 Niamh Shaw London United Kingdom
10/25/2016 Emma Coleman Birmingham United Kingdom
10/25/2016 Charlotte Heard Peterborough United Kingdom
10/25/2016 Chloe Smith London United Kingdom
10/25/2016 Vikram Jain London United Kingdom
10/25/2016 Alex Yeo Portsmouth United Kingdom
10/13/2016 courtney schneider ross United States
10/13/2016 Nick Arno Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Brandon Fletcher 45013 United States
10/13/2016 autumn curtis ross United States
10/13/2016 anna perry hamilton United States
10/13/2016 charles smith hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Madison Miller Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Dylan Zimmerman Cincinnati United States
10/13/2016 Joseph Carpenter Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Brooke Rumpler Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Austin Bernath Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Samuel Given Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Johnny Bolser Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Logan Kelley hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Cooper Miller Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Nick Shelton Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Daniel Wright Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Toni Rentschler Hamilton United States
10/13/2016 Lindsey Phillips Hamilton United States